Our new 2021 online training teaches providers to optimally code to increase your revenue

MDCodePro is designed for busy healthcare professionals  to quickly learn how to optimally code 2021 E/M services for maximum accuracy and the most appropriate reimbursement.

1. Establish the Basics

When you enter the MDCodePro Video Classroom from the app’s dashboard, you’ll find a series of short videos. The average video lasts about 10 minutes and includes the new 2021 E/M visits.


2. Test Your Knowledge

Every video ends with the chance to check your comprehension by taking a quick quiz. If you want or need to review the material, the videos are organized by subject and easy to locate.

3. Code Generator

Our new MDCodePro Code Generator allows you to enter information from your record of a patient visit into the app and yields the optimal CPT® code for that visit.

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