Do You Know These Front-End Fixes for Common Medical Billing Mistakes?

  Use These Practical Strategies for Keeping Claims from Coming Back Unpaid Remember the kids’ song, “The Cat Came Back?” In the song, old Mr. Johnson tried everything to get an unwanted feline out of his home (including, in some decidedly kid-unfriendly versions, tactics that would provoke The Humane Society’s wrath). But, as the refrain … Read more

Are These 7 Medical Billing Issues Costing You Money?

Find and Fix These Common Mistakes Now to Stop Losing Revenue To err is human. To forgive… is not insurance payers’ jobs! At MDCodePro, we’ve noticed several medical billing issues that can hurt healthcare providers’ revenue. We wouldn’t go so far as to call them the seven deadly sins of medical billing. But they’re definitely … Read more