Powerful new 2021 features built to streamline your billing and coding practices

Code Patient Visits Accurately

MDCodePro includes the new 2021 Code Generator that allows you to answer a short series of questions related to a patient visit.  The Code Generator will then return the optimal CPT code for that visit. The Code Generator can be utilized on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Hedge Agaist Audits

By following our tried-and-true methodology, your billing will stand up under scrutiny.  Our methodology has proven itself in review after review.

Effortless User Experience

MDCodePro features an intuitive graphic interface that guides you, step by step, through coding every visit.

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Video Lecture Series

Dr. Alexander Stemer has 9 short videos that train providers how to optimally code patient visits.  New 2021 Medicare Changes, Office Visits and Hospital Progress Note are three of the training videos available.

Increase Regulatory Compliance

Eliminate guesswork - get peace of mind knowing your documentation conforms to all current Medicare regulations to ensure accurate coding.

Increased Annual Revenue

Over time, users of the MDCodePro methodology have seen annual increases in revenue, on average, of $30,000.


Our New 2021 Code Generator has been built to be a simple means of entering the details of a patient visit and being rewarded with the optimal code.

It only takes a minute or two to answer the yes, no or radio button questions. At the conclusion, you click “Press for Code” and the optimal code for that visit is returned.

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