Finding the Best Online Coding Courses for Your Hospital’s Physicians

Focusing on this criterion simplifies your choice of medical coding courses.

Be careful: Your hospital is being watched.

Not yours alone, of course. Hospitals across the U.S. face increasingly strict scrutiny from Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs). And it’s not hard to figure out why. According to CMS, 9.51% of Medicare claims in the fiscal year 2017—claims worth $36.21 billion—were improperly paid.

Online Coding CoursesWith statistics like that as well as maddening stories about Medicare fraud making headlines, ethical and responsible hospital executives like you want to educate your practitioners and staff about correct medical coding. Online coding courses are one way you can help your doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare professionals get the knowledge they need (and weren’t given in med school or residencies) to use CPT® codes accurately.

But which courses should you purchase for them? What online medical billing and coding training will benefit them, their patients, and your hospital the most?

Here at MDCodePro, we’ve developed a low-stress, high-results way to educate your hospital’s physicians and other practitioners about best E/M coding practices. Always accessible through their desktop or mobile browsers, this training is within easy reach wherever their work takes them and can be completed at their own pace. And it focuses on the heart of what they need to know: improved documentation.

Why Focusing on Documentation Makes the Difference

Not all medical coding courses are the same.

If you search the web for online medical coding courses, you’ll have to wade through scores of educational offerings intended for people who are pursuing careers as professional medical billing specialists. But your practitioners don’t need those in-depth courses. Good thing, too—How would they fit classes like those into their already crowded schedules?

A key way to narrow your search for medical coding education is to look for courses (like MDCodePro) that focus on documentation. Too often, records of patient visits fail to support the CPT® codes submitted to Medicare due to insufficient documentation. “Since coding accuracy depends on the quality and completeness of physician documentation,” writes Sue Prophet, AHIMA’s Director of Classification and Coding, “physician education on documentation requirements is especially critical.”

“One reality that often is overlooked in coding education for physicians,” Dr. Timothy Owolabi writes for Medical Economics, “is that E/M documentation requires us to do something that we were never trained to do… For the most part, our documentation is intended for our future reference, for communication with other providers, and to satisfy ‘the standard of care’… [But E/M coding documentation] attempts to translate into a payment level the amount and complexity of work we do… Similarities exist between the two ways of looking at the documentation, but the origin and purpose are different.”

When you purchase a course with a primary focus on documentation from the coding perspective, you avoid overwhelming practitioners with information they don’t need in favor of the essentials they do; a basic understanding of why this second perspective matters, and a practical method of implementing it in their daily work.

MDCodePro: Medical Billing and Coding Training for Today’s Physicians

MDCodePro is an innovative online medical coding solution that equips your hospital’s physicians and other practitioners with these essentials.

First, it’s an online coding course with a rigorous focus on documentation from the medical billing and compliance perspective. In its video lecture series, Dr. Alexander Stemer presents a simple, streamlined view of the 1997 CMS Medicare billing regulations. He clarifies their complex documentation requirements, distilling them to a manageable set of standards busy physicians can remember and use. The videos take only about an hour of viewers’ time, and a simple assessment designed to reinforce the material learned follows each one.

Second, it’s a tool your practitioners can use on the job. The MDCodePro Code Generator keeps physicians on track as they document patient visits for maximum accuracy—which results in better diagnoses and better patient outcomes—as well as maximum regulatory compliance. It also gives physicians the optimal code supported by that documentation, so that they and your hospital don’t miss any opportunity to be properly and fully compensated for services provided.

No medical coding course can guarantee your hospital will never undergo a MAC audit. But MDCodePro has been validated in audits time after time. You can be confident it is not only teaching your practitioners to improve their documentation but also improving the accuracy of the claims your hospital submits and increasing the revenue your hospital generates.

To find out more about how MDCodePro can benefit your hospital, call us now at 219-301-7265, or request more information here.

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