Discover the Best Way to Lower Your Reliance on Medical Coding Services

You can do more medical coding for yourself than you might think. Here’s how.

If you’re like most U.S. healthcare providers, you’re already concerned about the complexity of the regulations you have to comply with when coding patient visits. Because the rules are so complicated, physicians often turn to external medical coding services for help. Maybe you’re one who has. Black Book anticipates the U.S. market for outsourced medical coding and health information management doubling in 2018.

Medical Coding ServicesThird-party physician billing services or hospital coding services are often coding solutions that make sense, especially when you’re submitting claims for highly complicated procedures and treatments. As Shelly K. Schwartz wrote for Physicians Practice, “You can’t do it all… not without sacrificing quality control—or your sanity.”

But thanks to MDCodePro, you can now keep more of your coding, and the revenue it represents, in-house. MDCodePro helps you find a straight path through regulatory twists and turns to increased compliance as well as greater efficiency.

Outsourced Medical Coding Companies Don’t Relieve You of Responsibility

No one denies the complexity of the CMS Medicare coding and billing guidelines. Just take a look at this sampling of adjectives used to talk about them:

  • Popular investment website The Motley Fool recently lamented “opaque, convoluted medical billing practices” because disreputable providers can exploit them.
  • David Bayer, a vice president at document recognition and data capture company ABBYY, pitches his services to patients who find the modern medical bill “a document of byzantine complexity.”
  • Reporting last year about Wisconsin-based firm Health Payment Systems, Tribune News Services noted “the company’s technology cannot yet provide simple translations of the arcane medical codes used for billing.”

And physicians like you find the rules frustrating, too. In her meetings with clinicians, professional medical coder Betsy Nicoletti finds “physicians want to practice medicine and are not always interested in the intricacies of Medicare and payer rules.”

Unfortunately, you must be interested in those intricacies, at least to the extent that you’re responsible for complying with them—even when you rely on third-party medical coding services. “Physicians are ultimately responsible for the actions of their entire staffs,” the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) reminds its readers. Like it or not, it’s your physical or electronic signature on the claim, so you’re “on the hook” for getting it right.

How MDCodePro Keeps More Coding and More Revenue In Your Practice

“Getting it right” is what MDCodePro is all about.

We’re not another remote medical coding company. We’re teaching physicians and other healthcare providers how they can consistently, correctly, and comprehensively document and code the E/M services they most often provide.

The MDCodePro approach is two-fold.

First, when you invest only about an hour of your time in our video lecture series, you learn an easy-to-understand method of remembering the coding rules and applying them to your patient visits the right way. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve mastered a dependable method, validated in audit after audit, of determining which code to assign to any given patient visit.

Second, when you use our intuitive and innovative code generator, you gain a powerful tool for making sure the code you give each patient visit is the best one from the perspectives of patient care, regulatory compliance, and optimum reimbursement. Your practice’s performance dramatically improves when your codes capture all the information needed to determine patients’ best treatment, and when they get you all the reimbursement you’ve earned providing that treatment.

Unless and until CMS simplifies its regulations, you must find a way of working within them in both your patients’ and your practice’s best interests. You may still need outside medical coding services sometimes, but MDCodePro will make you a more competent, more confident coder of your E/M services, leading to greater regulatory compliance, more comprehensive patient care, and optimum rates of reimbursement.

Don’t let coding regulations’ complexity discourage you any longer. MDCodePro can start helping you today, so sign up now.

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