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MDCodePro provides full education on utilizing the new 2021 E/M requirements as well as a mobile app to allow you to run through the specifics of a particular patient visit to ensure you are optimally coding your visits.  Not only does MDCodePro provide education on the new requirements, it also has a full series of lectures and mobile app for the unchanged hospital rules.

MDCodePro is an innovative, intuitive app for your desktop or mobile devices that teaches you how to document and code your office and hospital visits. Our Code Generator takes the guesswork out of optimally coding patient visits. Your subscription also includes access to a library of short training videos, assessment center, helpful resources and our case center where complicated visits can be reviewed by MDCodePro specialists.

You can access the app and the video library on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or IOS and Android mobile devices. All you need is your account credentials and an internet connection. Wherever you see and treat patients, MDCodePro is there to support you.

We have built the app with the expert knowledge of our experienced and trained physicians and coding and billing experts.  We have spent a substantial amount of time testing the application. However, you should always use your medically-sound judgement when coding a visit.

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It is not a requirement that you watch the videos in order, but it is highly recommended.  The latter videos build on information we have discussed in our earliest videos and the information will be much more useful if watched in order.

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