6 Facts to Know About COVID-19 Telehealth

COVID-19 Telehealth

Optimize new telehealth regulations to serve your patients and accurately code new COVID-19 CPTs and diagnoses As our healthcare system strains to bear the brunt of COVID-19, providers have been granted new flexibility to use telehealth services via common internet video platforms. Additionally, new coding options are available to accurately reflect diagnosis and the services … Read more

What Can RVUs Do for You?

Use RVUs to measure physician productivity, bonus payments and more

Imagine you are an administrator tasked with ensuring each provider in your organization has reached productivity targets. You could look at the amount each clinician has billed over the past year, or how much revenue every individual has generated to find your answer; unfortunately, neither would paint an accurate picture. Fees charged don’t necessarily correspond … Read more

Five Changes in CPT® Coding To Know Before 2021

Smiling female doctor wearing lab coat and stethoscope consults with happy male patient at a small table in her office.

Busy physicians like you have long been asking CMS to revise and simplify its laborious E/M documentation requirements. On January 1, 2021, changes in CPT® coding will take effect that grant those requests. The changes don’t include the radical overhaul of documenting and reimbursing office and outpatient visits CMS proposed in 2018. But they should … Read more

Do You Know as Much as You Should About the Medicare Fee Schedule?

  Get Ready for the Annual Update by Reviewing Current PFS Highlights It’s not as highly anticipated as the new NFL season kickoff or the return of pumpkin spice, but CMS’ annual revisions to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) are a fixture of the fall season. We never know exactly what the new year’s … Read more

Do You Know These Front-End Fixes for Common Medical Billing Mistakes?

  Use These Practical Strategies for Keeping Claims from Coming Back Unpaid Remember the kids’ song, “The Cat Came Back?” In the song, old Mr. Johnson tried everything to get an unwanted feline out of his home (including, in some decidedly kid-unfriendly versions, tactics that would provoke The Humane Society’s wrath). But, as the refrain … Read more

What Makes Physician Coding Education Key to Practice Profitability?

  Fill This Hole in Med School Curricula to Manage Revenue More Effectively What didn’t your organization’s doctors learn in med school that they wish they had? Physicians know they have knowledge gaps—from data science and information technology skills to being able to talk about nutrition with patients. Medical schools are changing to help students … Read more

Better Physician Coding Helps You Earn Maximum Revenue the Right Way

  There Is a Better Way to Make More Money Than Filing Iffy Top-Dollar Claims It’s probably happened to you more times than you could count. You’re seeing a patient for “routine” reasons, only to discover you’re dealing with quite a complicated case. Have you had enough physician coding training to code visits like those … Read more

Five Key Questions for Tackling Aging Healthcare Accounts Receivable

  Pursue These Strategies for Getting Outstanding Balances Paid Faster Your organization’s practitioners know the challenges of caring for an aging patient population. But as a billing administrator, you may feel challenged by another aging population—the outstanding balances piling up in accounts receivable (A/R). When insurance claims and patient bills go unpaid for too long, … Read more