2021 Update: Understanding when to use 99214 CPT Code

99214 CPT code

On January 1, 2021, E/M coding updates took effect and level determination is now based on either time or medical decision making. Many health care professionals have embraced the new system, but questions remain about the activities that contribute to time allotment and medical decision-making levels. This blog takes a deeper dive into correctly coding … Read more

Masking During COVID-19: The True Facts

Patients have received mixed messages about the efficacy of wearing a mask to prevent COVID. Help them understand the facts.

There have been many mixed messages about COVID and it can be difficult for patients to separate fact from fiction. Here are the latest facts to know. Masks help prevent the spread of COVID The confusion patients have about wearing masks is justified, given the mixed messages from government and mass media. At the beginning … Read more

Now is the Time to Get Ready for 2021 ICD-10-CM Updates

2021 ICD-10-CM

October 1, 2020, will soon be upon us – and bring with it the 2021 ICD-10-CM coding updates. There will be more than 550 coding changes including 490 code additions, 47 revisions and 58 deleted codes. Some specialties will need to closely monitor the list because of the volume of proposed revisions and additions that … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccine: The Race is On

Given the far-reaching societal and financial consequences of COVID-19, finding a vaccine has become a top priority worldwide.

The spread of COVID-19 has been relentless. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the disease a pandemic. As of June 16, 2020, there were 8,043,487 confirmed cases and 439,487 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 worldwide. Many countries’ lockdown response slowed the progression of the disease; but, until a vaccine is found, there … Read more

The New Normal: Managing the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Practice

Managing the Impact of COVID-19

States around the country are in the process of reopening, and while healthcare didn’t close completely, the virus shook the industry to its foundations. Organizations experienced a tremendous drop in patient volume resulting in lost revenue and laid-off workers. Supply chains ran dry, exposing the workers that remained to possible infection and causing elective surgeries … Read more

6 Facts to Know About COVID-19 Telehealth

COVID-19 Telehealth

Optimize new telehealth regulations to serve your patients and accurately code new COVID-19 CPTs and diagnoses As our healthcare system strains to bear the brunt of COVID-19, providers have been granted new flexibility to use telehealth services via common internet video platforms. Additionally, new coding options are available to accurately reflect diagnosis and the services … Read more

A Closer Look at 2021 Outpatient and Office E/M Coding

2021 Outpatient and Office E/M Coding

If you code evaluation and management (E/M) services, you’ve probably already heard that significant changes are ahead in 2021, specifically for office visits. The American Medical Association (AMA) – the creator of CPT® coding – will be changing the criteria to assign E/M codes to make the process more straightforward, while also considering the natural … Read more

What Providers Should Know About COVID-19


What is COVID-19? COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease first detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. These viruses are zoonotic, which means the virus can be transmitted between people and animals. COVID-19 is a virus that arises from a large family of coronaviruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to … Read more

What Can RVUs Do for You?

Use RVUs to measure physician productivity, bonus payments and more

Imagine you are an administrator tasked with ensuring each provider in your organization has reached productivity targets. You could look at the amount each clinician has billed over the past year, or how much revenue every individual has generated to find your answer; unfortunately, neither would paint an accurate picture. Fees charged don’t necessarily correspond … Read more

Five Changes in CPT® Coding To Know Before 2021

Smiling female doctor wearing lab coat and stethoscope consults with happy male patient at a small table in her office.

Busy physicians like you have long been asking CMS to revise and simplify its laborious E/M documentation requirements. On January 1, 2021, changes in CPT® coding will take effect that grant those requests. The changes don’t include the radical overhaul of documenting and reimbursing office and outpatient visits CMS proposed in 2018. But they should … Read more