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To improve compliance, accuracy and profitability at the same time.

About Us

In 1976, Dr. Alexander Stemer launched a practice that grew to 75 providers and saw 1,000+ patients daily. Through the course of time, he discovered that physicians did not know how to code patient visits as they are never taught this in medical school. The CMS regulations are extensive and complicated. We have introduced our methodology to hundreds of doctors. As a result, these providers see average income increases of $30,000 per year. This process has been verified by review and audit countless times.

All of us have heard a colleague complain, “we aren’t paid for thinking”, or “we don’t get paid for taking care of complicated patients”. The real problem is that most doctors really don’t understand that our system does value the difficult work we do by taking care of challenging patients with multiple problems. As a consequence, their coding often results in diminished payment.

MDCodePro isn’t about over-coding. It’s about teaching you an easy to remember, easy to use way of coding correctly—so that you are properly compensated for all you do when you take a history, perform a physical, order tests, review records, or consult with other providers.


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