Measure Your HIPAA Data Compliance Against This Checklist

Find out whether you’re doing all you must to avoid costly violations. You’ve probably noticed plenty of websites asking you to accept “cookies” or rejoin email lists this summer. That’s because the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect May 25. Designed to give European citizens more say over how their personal information is … Read more

Are You Documenting and Coding Chronic Conditions the Best Way?

Exercise this option to support higher CPT® codes when needed. In their paper arguing for longer “routine” primary care visits, Dr. Mark Linzer and colleagues describe “[a] 78-year-old widow with hypertension, osteoarthritis, a recent stroke, elevated cholesterol, and a 50-pack-year smoking history [who] comes to her primary care provider for a mild cough and weight … Read more

Avoid These Common Problems Revealed by Medical Coding Audits

Keep these perennial pitfalls in mind for your internal auditing. The AAFP tells healthcare organizations keeping their error rate (the percentage of claims payers deny) below 5% is “desirable.” Hitting that target is hard. One consultant and auditor, Jacqueline Thelian, told For the Record she’d seen “maybe five clients” reach 95% accuracy in 27 years. … Read more

How to Get Better Documentation for Improved Health Risk Appraisals

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How Can You Help Your Physicians Learn Medical Coding?

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