Charting & Coding Made Simple

Teaches providers new 2021 CPT coding for patient visits

Our new 2021 code generator provides a stress-free way to code visits for maximum compliance and profitability.

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Improve Compliance & Optimize Profitability

Only MDCodePro puts the power to code patient visits for maximum compliance with Medicare regulations and optimum revenue directly at healthcare professionals’ fingertips in an easy-to-use browser and mobile app.

Increase Regulatory Compliance

Eliminate guesswork - get peace of mind knowing your documentation conforms to all current Medicare regulations to ensure accurate coding.

Utilize New
2021 Rules

Our education and mobile app have been updated with the new 2021 E/M rules, which give you a step-by-step process to guide you through appropriate documentation to ensure accurate coding.

Hedge Against

Our methodology has proven itself in review after review. Your billing will stand up under scrutiny.


Implement new 2021 E/M Coding Rules simply and accurately using MDCodePro.


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